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Violet smoke grenade new generation

Violet smoke grenade new generation! Initiating is the same as military RDG-2 (paper cylinder) - Remove the head cover and light match cap. Once ignition occu...

4.30,- €

Dum Bum single shot 30 mm

Famous Dum Bum single shot. Very loud flash explosion in the air with lighting tail. Price is for original box with 4 pcs.! Caliber: 30 mm CE certificate!

7.00,- €

Magic Face Fountain 2,5"

Multifunction firework fountain cal. 2,5".Effect: Gold, Green and Blue Stars with Silver Sparks and Crackling in the Flashing Red SmileHeight: 3mTime duration: ...

4.00,- €

Jorge FP3 Big, 20 pcs.

Original nitrat FP3 Big from Jorge!Green light and loud BANG!Weight of composition: 3 g

5.00,- €

Big Fans Collection 2, 36 shots

Excelent cake 36 SHOTS fan shape! Effect: Green Tail Gold Wave Palm Tree With Green Glittering, Blue Tail Gold Wave Palm Tree With Blue Pearls, Green Tail Gold ...

23.00,- €

Upper Dragon Chrysanthemum, 49 shots

Excelent cake 49 SHOTS fan shape! Effect: Time Rain Mines + Spit Time Rain, 2nd Row Bursting Chrysanthemum, Repeated 3 Times, Time Rain Mine to Chrysanthemum Ca...

21.00,- €

Dragon Boom firecrackers, 20 pcs.

New nitrates instead of the famous FP3 with stronger explosion!Red light and loud BANG!Price is for original package with 20 pcs. Weight of composition in one ...

5.00,- €

Super Cobra 8, 2 pcs.

Absolute new product by Di Blasio Elio from Italy!Extremely booming sound with extreme flash. NEC (one piece): 100g Price is for original bag with 2 pcs.CE cer...

29.50,- €

Firecrackers Dum Bum

Nice firecrackers importerd from China by Czech company Klasek! Novelty! Green light and very strong explosion. Weight of flash powder: 5 grams! CE certifica...

6.50,- €

Orange smoke grenade new generation

Green smoke grenade new generation! Initiating is the same as military RDG-2 (paper cylinder) - Remove the head cover and light match cap. Once ignition occur...

4.30,- €

Original sticks for rockets, 90 cm

Original new sticks for Zink rockets.Lenght: 90 cmDiameter: 9x9mmPrice is for package with 100 pcs.If you want to buy more than 100 pcs. please contact us on e-...

40.00,- €

Grom 1, TXP486

Strong firecrackers TXP486!Like famous "Korsarka".Price is for original box with 36 pcs.!CE certificate!

3.80,- €

Grom 2, TXP485

Strong firecrackers TXP485!Like famous "Korsarka".Price is for original box with 36 pcs.!CE certificate!

3.70,- €

Dum Bum salutes cake, 25 shots

Very loud titanium salutes cake. Effect: Titanium salutes w. silver tail Calibre: 30 mm Shots: 25 Time: 30 s CE certificate!

29.00,- €

Profi red signal torch

Flare with a very intense bright RED light. Initiation by built friction igniter! Ideal as an emergency signaling in the car, a trip to the mountains, sea, ...

8.00,- €

RDG-2 WHITE smoke grenade

RDG-2 smoke is used to create smoke screens masking the smaller objects, covering the retreat of units, make signalization for helicopters or for a rapid smoky ...

12.00,- €

Delova rana 50 mm (Profi titan salute)

Professional delova rana (titan salute) with 45 gram of flash powder. Extra strong flash explosion. Shake before use! Price is for 1 pc. Made in Czech r...

8.00,- €

FP3 small, 30 pcs.

Cheap firecrackers with a strong explosion. We all know it... These firecrackers now have got new design of box and CE certificate!!! Effect is still the same...

4.00,- €

Crackling fountains JC08

High quality small crackling fountains! Very LOUD CRACKLING (like a small percussion rug). Price is for box 6 pcs. Gold-silver sparkles up to 2 metres! Recomme...

7.00,- €

Super Cobra 6, 3 pcs.

Glorious and very strong firecracker Cobra 6! Original by Di Blasio Elio from Italy! Weight of all compositions (1 pc.): 48,5 gPure weight of flash powder (1 ...

15.00,- €

Jaja Dinozaura, 20 pcs.

They look like an innocent kid firecrackers, but they are really very strong. In short distance crash your ears! Price is for package with 20 pcs. CE certific...

2.00,- €

Pirate K0203, 200 pcs.

Classic firecracker K0203 Pirate. Super price for original box with 200 pcs.! On photo is design with match cap, but you will get them with fuse. Much more be...

3.50,- €

Red football torch JF48/R

The torch burns bright RED flame + lot of white smoke. Initiation is done by built green visco fuse. Ideal for football fans, military, airsoft, emergency s...

2.00,- €

Profi CRACKLING fountain 8 m/1 min.

PROFI vulcan with strong gold-silver sparks and massive crackling for 1 minute up to 8 m. Strong effect - after ignition at high speed stream brimming cracklin...

15.00,- €

W504 Maly Kamikadze

Nice butterfly with sparkling + green light and loud explosion in the air! Price is for 12 pcs.! CE certificate!

5.00,- €

Thunder King Jorge JB-1 (single shot)

Classic "Thunder King" Jorge JB-1 single shot. Loud flash explosion in the air with sparkling tail. Price is for original box with 6 pcs.! NEC (in 1 pc.): 5 ...

4.20,- €

Artillery shells by Triplex

Set of nice 12 pcs. classic 45 mm (1,5") display shells "artillery shells" including mortar.

11.00,- €

Al Capone artillery shells

Set of 12 pcs. classic 45 mm display shells "artillery shells" including mortar. Very nice effects! - Golden palm - Thousands flowers - Multicolor peony - Gold...

14.00,- €

Whistling tube w. silver, 12 sec.

Extremly loud and long whistling tube with silver fountain (3m). Ideal for your fun or making own effects. Whistling time: 12 seconds. tip: ...

3.80,- €

Essential mix 3inch display shells, 36 p...

You will get awesome mix 36 pcs. from quality 3" Triplex shells:Some effects from below:1 pc. red wave 1 pc. golden wave 1 pc. dahlia green 1 pc. dahlia yellow ...

156.00,- €

Delova rana 75 mm

Professional 3" delova rana (titan salute) with 60 grams of flash powder. Extra strong flash explosion. Shake before use! Price is for 1 piece.

10.00,- €

Celebration cracker 20 000 shots

Classic loud 20 000 shots celebration cracker (machine gun cracker...). Price is for 1 pc.CE certificate!

25.00,- €

Crazy Robots firecrackers

Famous very strong firecrackers "Crazy Robots". Red light before explosion! Weight of explosive compositions: 6 grams Price is for original box with 12 pcs.

4.80,- €

Zink Bodenblitz 751-1

Famous ground salute from Zink Feuerwerk with strong titanium effect. NEC: 8 grams For ignition you have to buy a piece of green visco fuse or electric ign...

3.00,- €

Firecrackers TXP0100, 40 pcs.

VERY strong firecrackers with a sufficiently long fuse. Enjoy them! Price is for original box with 40 pcs.!

11.20,- €

GROM firecrackers, TXP655

Strong firecrackers GROM TXP655!Price is for original box with 72 pcs.!

5.00,- €

Smoke bomb DM-11

DM-11 generate very heavy concentration white smoke cloud (about 1000 m³). They are used as a covering devices for military unit movements, as protection of mi...

25.00,- €

3" mine with mortar

Very nice 3" mine with own mortar by Triplex. Effect: Red Green Blue to Thunder storm!Ilustration photo.

10.00,- €

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